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Friday, 6 March 2020

Fortnite How to Stoke a Campfire

We're taking a quick look at how to stoke a fire in Fortnite! You'll need to know prod a campfire and make it erupt with flames if you're going to complete the Winterfest challenges during the holiday season of 2019 in the game. We'll also hopefully be featuring a bit of information you didn't know!
While Cozy Campfire was implemented originally, Epic has also added permanent campfire locations across the map. These are relatively easy to find, and can be quite useful if you're lacking in the health department! Now that Chapter 2 has come along, they've upped the ante and made it so you can stoke the flames.

How to Stoke a Campfire

Stoking a campfire is pretty easy. Once you get over to one you can ignite it for free which will heal you some hp. After it has been lit, you will be able to pay 30 wood to stoke the fire! This will increase the speed at which you are healed. You can stoke it repeatedly if you want for an additional 30 wood. If you let the fire burn out completely, you will need to pay 300 wood to rekindle the flame. One interesting thing you can do is throw a Lump of Coal onto the open flame and that will stoke it as well!

Campfire Locations

You can find the majority of the campfire locations on the map below!

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