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Thursday, 5 March 2020

Fortnite Maya Customization & Challenges Guide

  • Purchase the Season 2 Battle Pass and visit Maya's Upgrade Vault
  • Complete Maya's Challenge each week to be able to upgrade different parts of her outfit
  • Preview your upgrade choices and then permanently lock them in as you finish challenges to craft your own unique version of Maya

Locked Upgrades

It is important to note that once you've completed a challenge for a week and have LOCKED IN your selection, you will not be able to edit that option anymore. It is permanently selected, you don't get to change it. That means you need to be very sure of what you want to select. The nice thing about the Upgrade Vault, however, is that you can basically build your skin out to see how it will look before you lock things in. Be sure to build out your skin and make sure you are fully happy with it so when you lock in your selections you have a plan in mind.

Maya Challenges List & Guide

Each week a new challenge will unlock and you can complete it to get the option to customize that particular part of the Maya skin!

Week 1 (Hairstyle): Achieve AR Specialist by dealing 250 damage with Assault Rifles in a single match (5)

This is a pretty self-explanatory challenge, you just need to achieve Assault Rifle Specialist in five different matches. The easiest way to do this is to head into Team Rumble, find a good Assault Rifle, stock up on ammo, and then make sure to use it exclusively in the game until you get the badge!

Week 2 (Tattoos): Place top 20 in a match (5)

While you'd think you would need to do this in normal matches, you can actually get this one done just by entering and completing Team Rumble games as well! You will need to place top 20 in five matches, or just play through five Team Rumbles.

Week 3 (Sleeves): Achieve Pistol Specialist by dealing 150 damage with Pistols in a single match (5)

Not much special about this, but it'll be kind of a pain because pistols aren't that great. Team Rumble will make this pretty easy, jump into 5 matches and focus on using the pistol!
All of the challenges below here have been leaked, and it's possible they change at some point. None of the following challenges are available in the game yet!

Week 4 (Boots): Get Gold Battle Medals by making 8 Elims in a single match (5)

Coming soon...

Week 5 (Shirt Colors): Achieve Shotgun Specalist by dealing 150 damage with Shotguns in a single match (5)

Coming soon...

Week 6 (Vest): Get Gold Survival Medals by surviving until 10 players remain (5)

Coming soon...

Week 7 (Helmet): Achieve SMG Specialist by dealing 150 damage with SMGs in a single match (5)

Coming soon...

Week 8 (Pants Color): Get Gold Scavenger Medals by searching 12 Chests, Llamas, or Supply Drops (5)

Coming soon...

Week 9 (Face Paint): Outlast 500 Opponents (500)

Coming soon...

All Maya Customizations

Here's a look at all of the customization options available for the Maya skin! You need to complete the challenge associated with that week to unlock the ability to choose from the various options.

Hairstyle (Week 1)

There's four hairstyle options for Maya. Unfortunately, you can't change the color of it.

Tattoos (Week 2)

The tattoos are not very well represented by the preview icons. The other arm will have quite a bit of ink on it, especially in the case of snake's preview which just shows a star. It also has a large lion face, sun, and "LEO" written on the right arm. The default tattoo is completely blank.

Sleeves (Week 3)

The default sleeves are pretty normal shirt sleeves and cover very little of the arm. The "Sleeves" option is the longest, but it doesn't go fully down to the wrist. Tank Top is pretty much no sleeves at all.

Boots (Week 4)

Default Boots and Boots 2 are the same just different colors. The same goes for Boots 3 and Boots 4. The difference with Boots 3 and 4 is that the large panel on the front of them will change based on what Pants Color you choose. You don't get to choose your Pants Color until  week 8!

Shirt Colors (Week 5)

The shirt is where you get some of the most options you can play with. There's eight pattern and color options, each of these has a normal and full version. The normal version's sleeves feature a block of color that matches or is similar to the main theme. The full option is a complete takeover of the shirt with the pattern or coloring.

Vest (Week 6)

You can decide whether or not to have a vest. You don't get to customize the color, and they do cover up the shirt pretty drastically.

Helmet (Week 7)

The helmets are fairly generic, and equipping one will lose you a lot of hair and some face detail. If you don't want to

Pants Color (Week 8)

You get a decent selection in the pants department, although there's no real variance in terms of the design. If you pick Boots 3 or 4, then these patterns/colors will influence the front panel color of the boot.

Face Paint (Week 9)

You can choose a completely plain face, or you can have just a make up look that features different color lips and some eye shadow. The other three face paint options feature a bit of design on the face, and also use the Make Up version instead of the default look.

Scarf (Complete All Challenges)

The Scarf is an interesting addition to the skin. You don't have to have one, but if you do you can either pick from a select group of colors, OR you can choose a custom color which can be picked by selecting the Hue, Saturation, and Brightness. You can pretty much create whatever color you want, so most people will probably want to pick something to add an additional flair to their skin!

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