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Friday, 6 March 2020

Fortnite What Each Present Gives – How to Tell What’s in Each Gift!

We're taking a look at exactly what each present gives you in Fortnite's Winterfest free gift giveaway! If you weren't aware, Epic is running a 14 days of Christmas event that allows you to open up a present each day. Each of these presents has the possibility of a cosmetic, but it isn't an exact science on telling which gift will give you what! We'll try to clear this up for you as much as possible with this guide.

What is in Each Present and Gift?

You will mostly have a 50/50 chance to get the particular cosmetic you are looking to find, but some presents have one guaranteed item in them.

Blue Presents with Blue Ribbon

You can get either the Treefall Glider or the New Year 2020 Wrap out of these ones!

Blue Present with Green Ribbon

There's just one Blue Present with a Green Ribbon so this is a guarantee that you will get the Well Wrapped Wrap!

Light Purple Presents with Yellow Ribbon

If you're looking for an Emote, you can get the Snowshaker out of the Light Purple Presents. You can also get the Merry Beastmas Loading Screen with a Banner.

Bright Purple/Pink Presents with Blue Ribbon

These bright purple presents will either give you the Peppermint Pick or the Merry Chipmas music!

Orange Presents with Green Ribbon

You will get either the Holly and Divey Contrail or the Shortbread Slicers! This is arguably the best group of presents, because they are both in-game usable cosmetics.

Red Present With Yellow Ribbon

The Great Crackup Loading Screen and Sock Monkey Banner can be obtained in the Red Present.

Big Green Present with Red Ribbon & Christmas Tree

To get the LT. Evergreen Skin, you need to click on Crackshot and then click on the Christmas Tree! It will allow you to open it and will be the outfit! The Wooly Warrior skin is likely available in the Big Green Present which you can only open at the end of the event.

Right Side of Crackshot Presents

These are on the right side of Crackshot. There's two of them that you can open, one is shaped like the Millennium Falcon and the other is just in a box.

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