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Thursday, 5 March 2020

Fortnite: Where-to Get a Heavy Sniper & Assault Rifle

We're taking a look at where and how-to get and where-to find a Heavy Sniper Rifle and Heavy Assault Rifle in Fortnite's Chapter 2: Season 2! These are both really strong weapons, so seeking them out is a good idea when heading into a game. You can't guarantee that you will get one of these every single time, but you have a high likelihood of obtaining them if you know where to go!

How & Where-to Get Heavy Sniper Rifles & Assault Rifles

Where you will want to go is any area that spawns Henchmen and ID Scanner Chests. If Henchmen are spawning in the area, then there's most likely going to be an ID Scanner Chest. You can open these chests and find three weapons that can seemingly only be found in these chests. You can get the Heavy Sniper Rifle, Heavy Assault Rifle, and the Rapid Fire SMG from them. It appears that it's somewhat random, you won't always get the Sniper Rifle out of them.

You can head to any of the new major POIs like The Shark, The Yacht, The Grotto, The Rig, and The Agency. there's also smaller spots that are located around the map in lesser known areas! Once you're there, you'll need to deal with Henchmen, so make sure to have weaponry. Now, there's two ways to open these chests. One is you can knockdown a Henchman and carry them over to the chest and scan them. This will unlock the chest and give you the loot.

The other way to do it is to find a nearby phone booth and get a disguise. You can then just scan
yourself and open the chest that way. You can find phone booths very close to all of these locations. It's probably the safer option, but if you fire your weapon at all you will lose your disguise.

If you struggle to find the chest, you can shakedown one of the Henchmen and icons will show up. Look for the treasure chest icon, that's the one you want. Again, you might not get the Heavy Sniper Rifle out of the chest every time, but this seems to be the only way to get them at the moment at a high rate!

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