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Friday, 6 March 2020

How to Delete Save Data in Pokemon Sword and Shield

If you're looking to restart your Pokemon Sword and Shield and start a new game then you're going to need to delete the save data from your Nintendo Switch. This can be accomplished relatively easily by following a few quick steps that are featured in this guide!

How to Delete Save Data in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Whether you are starting a new game or maybe you just want another starter, you are going to need to delete your save data. To accomplish this, you're going to want to close your game down completely by hitting the Home button and pressing the X button on the Pokemon game art in that screen. This will close the game, you can now follow these steps to delete your save data:
  • In the Nintendo Switch Home menu, look at the bottom where there's circles with icons. Move to the Gear icon which is your System Settings.
  • Press the A button on System Settings to enter the menu.
  • Scroll down a bit to find the Data Management option and then move your joystick to the right.
  • Move down the menu a bit and find the Delete Save Data option and press the A button (this won't delete anything).
  • In the Delete Save Data menu, look for entry for your Pokemon game and press A (this still won't delete anything).
  • Press A on the Delete Save Data for your profile option (this still won't delete anything).
  • You will be given a warning about deleting the data. If you're sure, press the A button on the Delete Save Data option.
    • There's no going back from this, make sure this is what you want!
That's everything you need to know about deleting your save data and starting a new game in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

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