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Friday, 6 March 2020

How to Rename Your Temtem

It's time to take a look at how to rename your Temtem in the game. Most players find that naming their little creatures they collect gives them a bit more of a personalized feel to them and the game itself. So, if you want to give your Temtem a name, we've got exactly what you will need to do featured in this quick guide!

Renaming Your Temtem

If you're looking to change the name of your newest addition to your squad, you will need to immediately know what you want it to be named. You only get one chance currently to rename your Temtem, and that is right when you catch it. Look for the Rename button that is to the right of the Temdeck and Release options when you catch a Temtem:

That is your only option for renaming your Temtem currently! We're hoping that Crema decides to add a NPC that will rename your Temtem for you, or just go ahead and make it so people can rename their Temtem whenever they want! Having just one permanent option is probably not the way to go, so we're looking forward to what they might add in the future.

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