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Friday, 6 March 2020

Pokemon Go How to Feed Buddy

It's time to take a quick look at how to feed your buddy in Pokemon Go! This new system has you doing all sorts of things with your buddy Pokemon, and you are rewarded with various perks and bonuses if you can level them up. Feeding your buddy is important because it will get them out and walking with you so they can give you some of those bonuses.
Give your buddy a treat is pretty important because it makes up three hearts you'll need to complete for your daily activities and will help you rank up your buddy to unlock additional perks.

How to Feed Your Buddy in Pokemon Go

Feeding your buddy is pretty easy, but it can be a bit confusing on how to get all of the hearts for the "Give your buddy a treat" activity. To feed your buddy, just tap on their face at the bottom left of the screen and either hit the berry icon (this means your buddy has had its meter depleted), or press on the Play! button. If your buddy's food meter is depleted, you can use the Quick Treat option. This is an easier way to just throw some treats to them and you don't really need to go into the AR mode.

If you just want to give them some treats, then go into AR mode, place your buddy on a flat surface, and then hit the berry icon. You can then throw treats to them. The higher of grade treats you give them (Golden Razz Berry is higher grade than a Razz Berry) the more you will fill up the food meter and the longer they will walk with you.

Give Your Buddy a Treat Hearts

To actually gain hearts for the "Give your buddy a treat" activity, you will need to wait for your buddy's food meter to be partially depleted. You can see this on the map screen, your buddy has pink bars surrounding their avatar. Once that is all used up, your buddy will leave the map area. When you notice your buddy has had its meter run down at least one bar, you can go into the play mode and give them treats to max it out again. Once it is maxed out, you should gain a heart. You need to do this three times to maximize the amount of hearts you can gain per day from this activity.
It should be noted that the higher grade treats you give your buddy, the longer their meter will stay full. That means you'll want to give them lower grade treats if you want them to run their meter down faster so that you can gain additional hearts!
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