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Friday, 6 March 2020

Pokemon Go How to Get Espeon and Umbreon (After Name Trick)

If you’ve been collecting Eevee in Pokémon Go, you’ll probably have noticed that the standard Candy-based evolution method will give you a random evolution. But what if you really need a particular evolved form – like Generation II’s Espeon and Umbreon? We’ll be covering two methods for obtaining each of these Pokémon, and you’ll probably find yourself using both!

Method 1: Nicknames

This is the easiest way to make sure you end up with a particular Eeveelution, but it only works once for each form. If you’ve given your Eevee one of several special nicknames (each inspired by classic anime episodes), evolving it with Candy will guarantee a particular evolution. For an Espeon, name your Eevee “Sakura”. If you’re looking for an Umbreon, use the name “Tamao”. So long as you’ve entered everything correctly, the question mark next to your Eevee’s evolution button should now be replaced with the silhouette of the Pokémon you’ve chosen.
You’ll still need to have saved up enough Eevee Candy (25 per evolution) in order to finish the process. Remember that nicknames can be changed at any time in Pokémon Go, so feel free to rename your Pokémon after it’s evolved!

Method 2: Buddies

If you’ve already tried out the first method and want to obtain another Umbreon or Espeon, you’ll need to follow a more complicated evolution method, using Pokémon Go’s Buddy system. This replaces the Friendship mechanic used to evolve Eevee into these forms in the main series games. Instead, you’ll need to equip Eevee as your Buddy Pokémon and keep it equipped for a total walking distance of 10 kilometers. This should be reasonably easy to keep track of, as it’s enough to earn exactly 2 Eevee Candies. With the Eevee still equipped as your Buddy Pokémon, you can now use 25 Eevee Candies to evolve it into either Espeon or Umbreon. Which form you get will depend on when you evolve your Eevee; evolving during the day will give you an Espeon, while evolving it at night will give you Umbreon.
If you’re not certain what Go will register as “day” or “night” in your area, check the background on the map – a dark blue background will be used for night, while brighter colors indicate daytime. This method (unlike the first one) is repeatable, so you can evolve as many Espeon and Umbreon as you like.

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