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Friday, 6 March 2020

Pokemon Go How to Get Souvenirs With Buddy

We're taking a look at how to get Souvenirs with your buddy in Pokemon Go! This is a whole new system that has just been added, so there's plenty of questions surrounding it. One of those is how your buddy can find and retrieve souvenirs for you? We'll take a look at exactly what you need to do to make this happen.

How to Get Souvenirs With Your Buddy in Pokemon Go

Your buddy has four different levels of friendship you can have with it, these are: good, great, ultra, and best buddy. To upgrade these, you will need to gain hearts to upgrade your rank with them which will unlock additional perks. Here's a look at the perks you get for each rank:
  • Good Buddy: You can walk around with your buddy on the map and check out their profile page and view how they are feeling.
  • Great Buddy: Your buddy will sometimes help you out with catching a Pokemon during an encounter! They will also occasionally bring you an item while you are walking around.
  • Ultra Buddy: Your buddy will let you know about interesting places nearby, and they will bring you Souvenirs!
  • Best Buddy: Your buddy Pokemon will wear a Best Buddy Ribbon, and your buddy Pokemon can get a CP boost in combat as long as they are assigned as your buddy.
As you can see, you will need to get to the Ultra Buddy stage to have your Pokemon collect you Souvenirs. To do this, you will need to gain hearts which will upgrade your buddy ranking. Each day you have access to activities that can gain you 10 hearts. These are the following:
  • Walk Together (3 Hearts)
  • Give your buddy a treat (3 Hearts)
  • Play together (1 Heart)
  • Battle together (1 Heart)
  • Take a snapshot (1 Heart)
  • Visit a new place (1 Heart)
For walk together, you will gain 1 heart for each 2.00 km you walk with your buddy. For feeding your buddy a treat, you will have to wait until they are hungry and fill them up again for each heart. All of the others are pretty straight forward, except for the visit a new place option. You literally have to go to a PokeStop or Gym you've never visited before, so that's going to be pretty problematic for most people.
Each buddy level requires a specific amount of hearts, here's how they breakdown:
  • Level 1 (Good): 1 Heart
  • Level 2 (Great): 70 Hearts
  • Level 3 (Ultra): 150 Hearts
  • Level 4 (Best): 300 Hearts
So, if you want to get your buddy to find you some Souvenirs, you will need to gain 150 Hearts. That will take you 15 days if you collect all 10 hearts each day.
We don't know too much about the Souvenirs just yet. They are likely just collectibles, but we'll see what they end up being once people have a chance to level up their buddy status! We'll update this guide with more information once more is known.

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