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Friday, 6 March 2020

Temtem: How to Get Climbing Gear

Temtem: How to Get Climbing Gear

Temtem's fresh out the gate and if you just entered the game you are no doubt wondering what is the deal with those rock walls I've seen around the map? Well, we're going to discuss how to climb in the game, and you are likely going to be pretty disappointed in the answer at the moment!

How to Climb in Temtem

Well, right now... you can't climb! Yes, unfortunately you will come across many walls that have rocks that look ripe for climbing, unfortunately you cannot obtain the climbing gear necessary to scale them. In the Early Access, there's only three islands available to explore and it appears that acquiring climbing gear is going to be further into the game. It is unknown at this time when you will actually be able to obtain that gear, or when the new islands will become available in the game!

While you can't climb right now and take advantage of sweet shortcuts, you can obtain a Surfboard. That's in the game now, and it allows you to travel across the water and get to places you might not have yet to explore. This also gets you to an area where you can grab Temtem's version of Exp Share from Pokemon!
Unfortunately, that's all we know for now. We will update this guide on how exactly to climb in Temtem once it is available!

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