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Friday, 6 March 2020

Temtem How to Get Skates – How to Get Them Back

If you've reached the island of Myrisles, then you've no doubt encountered red ice that you can't traverse. The Crystal Skates will alleviate this problem, and we are taking a look at how to get the skates. We are also taking a look at how to get the skates back, because there seems to be an issues for some players where they lose these and can't get them back.

Where to Get the Skates

If you want to obtain the Crystal Skates, you will need to continue through the main storyline of the game and go through the Adventure in the Myrisles quest. You will need to reach and defeat the Mokupuni Dojo. After you've completed that, you will be given a Lift key. You will now need to investigate what's going on at the Giant Banyan. Head to the lift that's right next to the Mokupuni Dojo, use the lift and head to the Giant Banyan. Once you reach the area, speak to Carlos who is hiding outside of it.
You will now be tasked to ambush some of the Belsotos clan. Carlos will give you the authorization that you need to enter a new area, so return to the lift and head to the Ulterior Omninesia. Walk along The Hangroad, and you will eventually encounter a pond where you find a Belsoto grunt uniform on the far side of it. Return to the Giant Banyan and put on your newly found uniform. You will now need to head inside the Giant Banyan and clear it out of the Belsoto who currently occupy it.
After you've defeated all of the Belsoto, return to Carlos and you will be rewarded with the Crystal Skates!

How to Get the Skates Back

Make sure to do all of the stuff you want to do with the skates before progressing too much further, because there's unfortunately you will lose them further along in the story. It appears that at one point in the story the airship will crash and you will lose your skates. You are currently unable to get them back in the Early Access, so make sure to utilize them before moving forward. One of those things is obtaining the Four Leaf Clover item from the Aguamarine Cave. This is a very good item, because it will increase the catch percentage when facing off against Wild Temtem!
If you've already lost your skates and want to obtain this item, you can utilize the following solution shown in this video:

So, you can still get the item, it's just easier with the skates! There's also a bit of a work-around when it comes to the skates, you can apparently join a party with someone who still owns the skates. If you do this, you will have the skates while you are in the party! So, if you're desperate, that's one way to get around the issue. If a better solution is found for this problem we'll update this guide with it!
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