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Friday, 6 March 2020

Temtem: How to Get the Temessence Vial

If you're looking for the Temessence Vial to continue your completion of the story in Temtem then look no further! We've got exactly where you need to go to obtain the item, and what you need to have done to obtain it.

How to Obtain the Temessence Vial

This is part of the First Steps Quest, which is the early quest you'll be completing from the main storyline in Temtem. Once you reach Mare Nostrum, you will be tasked to acquire a vial of Temessence from Luisouvenirs. If you aren't paying attention, you can easily miss what you are supposed to do. First, make sure you've caught at least one Temtem Species from the previous area before attempting to complete this quest. Once you have one, return to Mare Nostrum and go to the following building:

Go inside and talk to the person that's behind the desk. They will verify that you have caught at least one Temtem from the previous area, and they will give you the Temessence Vial. This is a great item, because you can use it to heal your whole squad! Once you use it, you will have to recharge it at a HealTem machine. However, it is great for healing up your Temtem while you are in the middle of an area!
Now that you have this item, you can continue on to the next part of the map.

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