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Friday, 6 March 2020

Temtem Tourist Question Answers

We're taking a quick look at how to answer the questions in the tour guide side-quest you get from the Tour Operator in Arissola! You will need to give responses to them to get through the quest, so we've got a look at which ones you should choose to complete it!

Tourist Question Answers

Before you get to the following statements, you can choose whichever options you like. Once you see this first statement, follow the answers listed below.
It was described for the first time by the ancient poet...
  • Correct Response: Pasiphae of Turquesa
That majestic massif of red rock you can see towards the south, on the way to Brical de Mar, is called...
  • Correct Response: Thalassian Cliffs
Excuse me, just one question. What's on the other side of the river?
  • Correct Response: The town of Turquesa.
After those three options, you are free to choose whatever options you like! Once you're done talking to the tourists, head back to the center of the town and talk to the Tour Operator (she's northwest of the tourists) to receive your reward! The reward you get is the Umbrella item, it can be given to a Temtem and it will reduce the damage taken from a Water Type technique by 20%!

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